E3 – Day One – EA

Given the length of my Microsoft review, I’m going to try and pair this one down a bit to more of the nitty-gritty. G4tv.com has the press events archived for you pleasure and convenience so make sure to stop by. And now, on with the show:


EA started off with a demo of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. I love what they are doing with the franchise and the competitive multiplayer with police on wanted races. The social features also look great and while similar tools are looking to be par with everything these days, I love the interface and EA looks like they are trying to do everything they can possibly think off instead of simply saying when your friends are beating your time or want to challenge you. The next treat was gameplay from Dead Space 2. As opposed to the cramped spaces of the dilapidated space ship from the first game, 2 will take us to much larger and open vistas. The architecture looks beautiful and a little space-Gothic which I think will marry well with the Dead Space brand of horror. The demo was intense and cut short, telling us it will be finished in the Sony presentation. Since a lot of the stress of Dead Space is those confined spaces and having to work in them while still dismembering enemies, 2 looks like it might throw more and bigger enemies your way –  as a friend of mine aptly put it “RUN ISAAC!”. The new Medal of Honor was shown with a full 24 person multiplayer live demo.  One thing I want to note is that the entire thing was done on the PS3. Medal of Honor is going to take a lot to differentiate it from Modern Warfare 2 and the latest Call of Duty, but the multiplayer looked solid, large, and frantic. For the map they showed us, we’re told camping will be dangerous and being in one place too long is a sure fire way to wind up with a bullet, grenade, or some other means of death flying at you, and it had been designed with close combat in mind. I hope that the other maps follow suit as have a dynamic map that encourages movement and hurts campers to be a lot more fun. After, we got a glimpse at Gun Club, the new rewards program from EA. The first bite of it we get is everyone who preOrders Medal of Honor gets early beta access. Sounds like some nice freebies for preOrders, but it sounds like it will extend to playing the games as well. Don’t know if it’s a subscription based model or not but if everyone can sign on for free and get cool guns in the game, it kind of defeats the purpose in my mind of having a rewards program. Though I don’t like having to shell out more money, I have the feeling it will work it way with the code EA is implementing to keep used game sales down, and new up. We got a quick, quick trailer of Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam but nothing to get a feel off of. Peter Moore came out and showed us EA MMA, while not much about the game, we did get a look at the social features. There’s going to be some simulation of professional fight events that players will be involved in, including making their own smack talk videos, be watched by thousands online, all leading up to a fight for real world rewards. I have no idea how this is suppose to work, and I’m a little skeptical on how it will play out. They also said that real world announcers involved, so it’s obviously going to be a big thing. I can’t wait for a bigger explanation on this, cause the whole thing sounds three steps from insane, but if this can be done the way they say it will: Kudos. (insert random shot at EA for brushing White and the UFC off a few years back here) EA Active 2 came out and said it would be for all three consoles. Again, lots of social features here to share and compare your work out and progression. Madden 11 rounded out the EA Sports line up – complete with Joe Montana. I’ve never been a football game player since Blitz way back in the day, so I will glaze over this a little. The only big thing they talked about was the ‘Game Flow’ system that suggests calls to you and makes the game more accessible. Also the 3 v 3 coop online feature. The Sims 3 followed showing off the new and improves AI and free will that it will exhibit making for the most life like game yet. In addition, for the first time, the game will be playable on consoles. I’m curious as to how the interface will be laid out and if motion controls will be compatible. Cytec then came out and showed off a level from Cyrsis 2. Set in the urban jungle of New York, they’re boasting it will have the smartest AI of any FPS. The level they demoed looked beautiful, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the AI will work together and against you. I can’t believe they’re going to put this thing on consoles without even the PS3 starting to chug. Considering that it’s coming out for the PS3, 360 and PC, and with the muscle needed to run the first one on high with multiplayer without hiccups isn’t completely available even now, I wonder if the console version will be toned down a little just we won’t see graphic and frames seizures. We got a play through of Bulletstorm from Creative Direct of People Can Fly, Adrian Chmielarz. So far so go, it looks like it’s going to be everything Dude Huge has touted, maybe not bringing the fun back to the FPS, but definitely making a crazed, happy-go-lucky gun and murder spree and with Steve Blum as voicing talent to boot – fun, fun. The event closed with The Old Republic and being the only thing not to show some inkling of gameplay. They did mention that there would definitely be group gameplay and raiding, as well as revealing Alderaan as a PvP battleground.

A good showing from EA. While there was nothing very surprising about the show, there was gameplay for everything. It’s starting to look like the old trend of just showing off pre-rendered is coming to and end, with just about everything having gameplay being shown off. A good change to be sure, whether or not that gameplay is available on the floor.


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