Edge of Twilight



Edge of Twilight. Quite honestly the “Someone Special” trailer, the first one, is probably one of my favorite, if not the favorite, of all video game trailers I’ve seen. There’s a weight and mood to it that just captured me and drew me in.

I saw the Somebody Special trailer I guess a year and a half ago when Kotaku first put it up and was immediately hooked. Even after watching some behind the scenes stuff about the trailer and accepting that the score and narration probably are no where in the game, I’m still invested in wanting to get the chance to play the game. Frankly, I have a bit of a weakness for steampunk and the cello, especially when its a little moodier and heavy, and I rarely find them in games these days. That aside, even the gameplay itself looks interesting. I love the idea of duality within a game’s narrative that is truly manifested in the gameplay itself and done in such a stark way that is really not seen much right now. There is potential here. Its not just the music, but visuals and presentation make the sense of desperation palpable. I really, really want this game. I want to play it; badly.

The trailers came out a while ago. I had seen somewhere that the developing studio Fuzzyeyes had closed their doors, but that they were only taking a break until October 2010. At this point, any information on the game has all but dried up. If it exists in some form still, it is deeply under wraps. I’ve never officially heard a cancellation or that the studio is actually closed, so I don’t know what the current situation is. Fuzzyeye’s website merely has a message of the “New Fuzzyeyes coming soon” so I don’t know what has become of the title despite the suggestion of the intertubes that the game is gone.

This was spurred by a recent Kotaku article about Midway’s canceled game ‘Hero’ coming back from the dead as two new games. So, despite what might happen, there is always the possibility of a game rising from the ashes. On the hopeful end, should the game just be in quiet development, I am spreading the word on this little known game from a new studio. Give it some love.

Additional tracks and trailer music for the game can be found at http://www.gameaudioaustralia.com/portfolio.html under ‘Edge of Twilight’


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