OhayoCon 2011

Well the title of this blog is “A Geek’s Tour” not “A Gamer’s Tour”, so its time to add another geek flavor: Anime.

Despite some ups and downs and some serious rough patches over the last two-ish months, I took the time to go to OhayoCon up in Columbus, OH with some friends to get a chance to unwind and escape lack of sanity over the last few weeks. I’m a big otaku (both in fanaticism and stature lol) so the con circuit is kinda my Mecca. I’ve been doing the con thing since 2007, and this was my third OhayoCon. I’ve built up a bit of a con family I only get to see at these things, so this is just what the doctor ordered to get my spirit up and some much needed fun time.


Leaving later than I liked due to my passengers and room problems at the over booked hotel lead up to partying a little to hard, resulting in me missing around 4 hours from my Friday night.
The lesson: Apparently I function pretty good while that plastered. I’m my normal, hyper-nerdy, plucky, talkative self, without an off-switch. According to my ‘handler’, despite a problem with standing and walking in a straight line I just talked about video games, PnP RPGs, and Warhammer (of all things and I don’t even play WH… well, some WAR).
Good news: Once is enough, I like remember the con experience. Though apparently I have such a routine at these things auto-pilot is all I need. Went to the rave, secured my water cup (which took me till the next night’s rave to figure out wtf it was) as I always do and stayed well hydrated without any one telling me to, resulting in no hangover. That sounds like a real life trophy (I have PS3) if there ever was one.
Bad news: I didn’t remember a number of sexy nerd-girls, o the shame. Also I broke man code, which is just a no-no.


After being informed of the previous nights escapades, I throttled it back a ways. It turned out to be a decently relaxing day all and all. I started the day in cosplay as the Dark Knight Joker and got a few pictures taken. Oddly enough half of them were cheerleaders from the competition happening over the weekend (I accidentally scared one though). Wasn’t feeling well and the make up made it hard to eat so I changed after a few hours. The biggest highlight though was getting to meet Chris Sabat and get my Speed Grapher and Samurai 7 signed. So his autograph session started at 5 till 6, I got in the line at 5:50, then they extended it, twice, cause he wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to talk to him. So I was near the end of the line and it was 8:40 by the time I got done. That man was a trooper. The night ended with the rave. Still was feeling iffy but figure chilling to the music would be relaxing and it was, and at around 1am I finally feel good and found my step all the way into 4:15 in the morning went security got called on us and ended the party lol. Good music, good times.


The two craziest times of a con weekend is when you’re leaving. Leaving to or leaving from. I wanted to grab an autograph session with Monica Rial and Brina Palencia and meet a friend there early. Only got Monica’s signature before I had to run and deal with check out, but she was super nice and was great to talk to her. Getting checked out turned into a nearly 3 hour process of waiting in line, getting stuff to my car, find the battery dead and jumping it, then dealing with my friend’s car trying to get the hood to lock down. After all the fiascos finally calmed down, the rest of the day was catching up with friends and hanging out. A nice way to end the weekend. There really wasn’t a lot of time left to visit so one of these years I’m gonna have to stay after the closing ceremonies, but alls-well-that-ends-well I guess.

Now to save up for the next one.


One Response to “OhayoCon 2011”

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. I went to ohayocon for my first time this year and had a great time. But it’s hard not to have a good time with alcohol, anime, and raving lol. After this weekend I completely understand what you mean by “con family”.

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