Meant to post this a while ago

Wow, this has been sitting as a draft since the 10th of February, but it still seems like a legitimate rant, if a little overly angered. More to come….

This just in: Fox News is retarded and the additional chromosome in the DNA that is humanity.

One of the things that really, really irritates me is willful ignorance and the use of it to deceive. It pisses me off to no end when groups and people like this choose to show games in a negative light or with a negative opinion with absolutely no knowledge and understanding of the subject what so ever. But its not just that, its the choosing to do so. This isn’t some accident because of a misunderstanding, its Fox News forming a completely uneducated opinion and not only not bother to research and learn the contrary but to actively move forward with the ignorance and spread it like some beacon of truth.

We need more truthiness.!5756624/how-fox-news-gets-video-games-so-wrong


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