Looks like Metal Gear Rising is back?


I’m not sure how I feel about this. It has the finger prints of Platinum all over it. Not a bad thing, but you can tell this is coming from the same people as Vanquish and Bayonetta. Very stylized, very over the top, and very fast paced.

I’m a little sad at this change of direction. The old incarnation of Rising as Lightning Bolt Action, seemed more fitting of the MG franchise. I was hoping more for a predatory, stealth, almost ninja (not Ninja Gaiden though) style to it. I liked the idea that they were still keeping the MGS ideas, but making it a more pragmatic action game, or at least seemed to be. With there being strategy to what you cut and how you cut it. And then incorporating a faster, stealth nature on top of it. Instead of the slow moving Snake, you’re more limber, faster and using those tools to reproduce Raiden’s portrayal in MGS4 as kinda jumping out of the shadows, cutting and then vanishing. Like a ninja. The whole cut and take idea seemed to hit on that too. More pragmatism and strategy added.

Now, just kinda looks like a Platinum style action game. Polished, fast paced, stylized and fun, but not very inventive. Plus just being balls to the wall about it. At this point, cutting seems like just a fancy visual thing, without a deeper level of game play coming out of it.

Basically. Looks nice, but just kinda same old, same old. Old Rising seemed to want to break new ground. Kinda makes me think of Ninja Gaiden but with a fancy bullet time cutting system.

But who knows, trailers are usually really hit or miss. Developers want to showcase a specific thing, but you can’t really get a sense of the game. Maybe strategic cutting is still in there, plus the fast paced stealth

As a point of comparison here is the last trailer we saw for rising:


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