New Godzilla details!

New Godzilla details!

Personally I never watched the original Toho Godzilla films, and I’ve only seen bits of the ’98 Hollywood attempt. My affection for the big guy comes from the Saturday morning cartoons he was in (Yeah, Hanna-Barbera and the animated 98 spin-off). That being said, I’m loving the design work Legendary and Warner Brothers are putting in. With the bust especially, the head and jaw shape and having the nostrils higher back near the eyes makes a lot of sense for me and looks cool and unique. Think about it, he’s a water beast right? So it lets him come up for air kind of like a whale but get a quick peak of his surroundings. Goujira is a combination of whale and gorilla in Japanese, so whether or not that’s an intentional nod or just an appropriate biological inspiration, I really like it. Also really like the size of him, not just vertical, but how bulky the miniature is – hopefully that will be a toy you can buy! Though it makes him look a little cuddly in my eyes, it does create a powerful silhouette and solid form. At 30+ stories tall, he’ll just look like a giant monolith of destruction. Haven’t seen Pacific Rim yet, but I hope WB and Legendary do a better job exposing and marketing this to the masses, though they can probably stick with advertising massive destruction, and it work well for this flick. 


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