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Sweet Catharsis

Posted in Video Games with tags , , , , , , , , on December 3, 2012 by halbard100

A friend said to me that we all get stressed out. I have to agree. Its that time of the year, the looming cloud of life, projects due, exams are coming up, and things you may not care about are going to have a profound effect on a little number that a chunk of the civilized word tends to use to judge you. I can’t think of a college kid that wouldn’t be stressed at least a little. We say that games provide a safe space to experiment and learn, but also as a form of relaxation to lose ourselves in. Like floating in an ocean without worry. I’ve got to agree.

Confession time, I haven’t actually gotten to play a “real” game in a while. April hit with exams and what not, so the PS3 got packed away, summer came around and the power bill was a worry plus more work, we get to the fall and, boom, more work. It finally got to the point where I just looked at a friend and said “I’m getting so swamped and overwhelmed with stuff I’m just going to set aside time to game. Just stop working on everything for just a bit” Up to that point all I had really played were some Facebook games if that and was wasting time on YouTube. Another buddy was at the apartment loading a game of his on my 3GS to test (It’s called Warp Tunnel go download it!) and we joked about my shelves of games. “I feel like it’s just become a status symbol at this point. ‘Look at all the games I don’t have time to play!'” I remember when a teacher said he’d gotten to the point where he had to make the choice between making a game or playing one. It’s a depressing realization.

Anyway, over Black Friday, I picked up 3 games during GameStops buy-2-get-1: Darksiders 2, Borderlands 2, and Spec Ops the Line. So, sat down, and decided to play. Just an hour a day. Saturday, Sunday, and again today I’ve been playing through Darksiders 2. I really lucked out, the game lends itself well to hoping in and out. Saves are frequent and so far a dungeon is about an hour. It provides a nice mix of exploration and combat, so I get both those frantic moments of button mashing and having to sit down and think hard about how I’m supposed to navigate things. Plus, you can get burned out running around alone in a dungeon, and that also marks a decent stopping point. The point is, I’m not letting myself get so overly consumed that that 6 hours later I’m freaking out about deadlines. That would kind of undermine things.

And I feel great! Relaxed, more ready to go get things done, oddly focused and undistracted, it’s a weird feeling.

We live in an exciting time. There’s game available for everyone, in a number of consumable sizes. So I guess the punch line is: Take some time to yourself and game a little. Just play. It’s good for you.


I’m back?

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Wow were has the time gone. The levels of business that have been taking up my time have been a little staggering, but that’s school. I’ve been trying to get a few article out and about (check my 1UP, I’ve got a few more there and its more video game oriented) but unfortunately time got away from me on them and they just seem irrelevant now. Now though, I’ve got some time:

I’ve finally, finally, FINALLY, gotten a PS3 of my own, so after 4 years of trying to save, I’ve finally made the jump to the current console generation and getting to play a growing back log of games I’ve been accumulating. Right now, I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed 2 and Arkham Asylum. Yeah, no Brotherhood yet, I kinda want to catch up on the story. But damn, have I been enjoying these two games. My background is in platformers, I’m a child of the 90s, so its what I grew up with. My first game was Mega Man X, I have fond memories of playing Sonic CD on our family Dell, and one of the few things that kept my brother and I from messing with each other was trading terms playing Crash Bandicoot. I’ve held Ubisoft in high regard for years dating back to my love for Battle Realms and some of my favorite games of all time the Prince of Persia trilogy. I really don’t have to harp on how great a game AC2 is, I’m coming late to the party after all, but just running around the beautiful open world they created (I love open worlds and sandboxes too, just sayin’) is a dream. Arkham has been interesting. My roommate rented it a few weeks back and could only play about an hour of it, probably less, before he decided he didn’t like it. After all the praise it got I thought he was crazy. Admittedly, I was a little iffy about it for the first little bit, about till you finally get into the open grounds of Arkham, but once everything got rolling I’ve become really addicted. Some of the platforming puzzles and Riddler… riddles have been just a dream, but I wish I was better at the predator system, all I really do is jump from gargoyle to gargoyle and do vertical take downs but then again I guess that’s partially the point. But I’ve had a lot of fun with the stealth and combat elements, too.

On top of starting to play some of the PS3 games I’ve bought in the past, I’ve downloaded some demos to play around with. So far I’ve gotten to play Echochrome, Vanquish, Bayonetta, Brutal Legend, and Darksiders. I’m liking Bayonetta and Brutal Legend a lot, Devil May Cry, God of War and the like are some of my favorite games, so Bayonetta is right up my ally and despite all I’ve heard of Brutal Legend, I quite enjoy it. I love metal, Jack Black, Tim Shaffer and general insanity. Vanquish I’m not sure on. I’m not a shooter guy per-say, but I prefer the 3rd person style instead of FPS, and damn is Vanquish fast paced, like Gears of War on super-speed, in the best possible way.